As the name implies, Nature Niche in Berkeley Springs offers a large selection of products related to nature.  Judy Webb, owner, says the business is unique to the area because it is a "niche specialty store" specializing in items that relate to nature in West Virginia.

Nature Niche carries an array of products that invite people to feel close to nature while at home — from harmonic wind chimes, to unique tinkling toad stools.  And then there is an assortment of decorative toads that croak, measure rain, become plant holders, hide-a-key, serve as a drain spout to simply sitting on shelf to amuse.

As you might expect, Nature Niche offers a variety of things ‘for the birds’ including bird food, roosting boxes, houses, and squirrel restive bird feeders. (However, you will also find an entertainment center just for the squirrels.)  There are small ponds with water fall fountains suitable for decks or gardens for the birds to use as well as heated bird baths for the winter. One of their best sellers is the “Water Wiggler” that sits in a bird bath to keep the water moving thus attracting birds and preventing mosquitoes in the summer and deterring icing in the winter. 

There is a wonderful selection of stainless steel gardening tools with ergonomic handles as well as nice selection of garden gloves.  The store also carries an array garden spinners.  The most popular is a green and yellow tractor, however, there are flying pigs, horses, and cows as well as beautiful bees, cardinals, finch and woodpeckers.  Also there are realistic bird kites made of tyvek that can be flown in your yard not only for decoration but to scare away small garden pests.

If you are a hiker, you will find walking sticks, maps, Audubon binoculars and tree and bird identifiers.   There are books and CDs relating the wild life in the area as well as puzzles and educational games.  Fishermen will find hand tied lures made and tested by local fishermen.  For children there are soft fuzzy animals, bizzark glasses, insect cages, backpacks, and build it yourself bat houses.

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